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4 Social Media Myths To Put To Rest

Social media is nothing new but there are still many misconceptions that surround it.  Social media continues to grow, as we see social networks like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, explode year after year.  There is no doubt that social media has been and will continue to be a crucial part of online marketing. Yet many people try to argue this point and instead miss out on the many advantages that social media marketing and networking has to offer.

Think About These Social Media Myths

My Customers Are Not On Social Media –  WHAT! This is one that we hear often, particularly from some small, traditional businesses.

If you have been in business for many years, have enjoyed repeat business and referrals, and are not interested in future growth it may be hard to imagine social media fitting into your business model.  Remember social media is not just a way to expand your business but also strengthen relationships, show your community involvement, better explain your products and services and reward customers for their loyalty.

I Am Unable To Measure Social Media Results – Many business owners are under the impression that social media can’t be measured.  While there is some truth to this it is not completely true.  In addition to some unique ways to measure social media many of the social platforms offer some level of analytics or insights so tracking results is simple.

I Don’t Have The Time –  Yes, social media does require time to manage, which is why already-burdened business managers shy away from the concept. However, there are a variety of helpful tools available to make social media easy and effective. Plus, the benefits of increased sales, brand recognition and ROI make any time you invest in social media worthwhile.  However, don’t forget you can always give us a call to discuss ways we can assist.  

Social Media Makes It Too Easy To Get Negative Reviews – No one likes when someone publishes a negative comment about their business Many business owners feel social media makes it easier for people to post negative comments.  Don’t  let your fear of negative comments stop you from a good thing. Imagine all the positive comments you will get! And if you are faced with a negative statement, use it as an opportunity to show other customers how you handle complaints.

Have questions? If you would like to talk about ways to start using social media to build your business contact 4Site Media online or give us a call today!