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Avoid Making These 5 Social Media Mistakes

Social media is constantly changing. If you don’t keep up with the latest trends, you could easily be relying old tactics that may not work as well.  Facebook and Google change their algorithms frequently but let’s not forget that our audience may also change.  It’s important to understand the digital habits of your target audience and create fresh marketing strategies to appeal to these prospects. That being said, there are some tried-and-true approaches to social media that you should always follow – and some bad practices you should always avoid.

A Few Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

No Social Media Strategy – It’s amazing how many marketers still jump into social media without having a clearly defined strategy. Your social media strategy should document the goals you hope to achieve, how you plan to achieve them and who your existing and prospective customers are.

Too Many Active Profiles –  You may be tempted to have profiles on all of the primary, and secondary, social media channels, but this isn’t necessary. Focus on the social channels that your target audience is using. Consider sticking to a few channels rather than spreading yourself too thin over many.

Overloading Followers With Info –  How often should you post?  How often should you promote your product or service?  How much information should you offer? Well it depends on the social channel. Post more frequently on Twitter than Facebook.  

Over Promoting Your Brand – It’s okay to talk about your brand on social media, but you should be subtle about it. Don’t “plug” your business too much be sure to offer relevant information that is helpful and intriguing. Think about all the companies out there that have spent years building up their image but rarely talk about their actual product or service. 

Social media is an opportunity for your brand to shine, so make the most of it. The key is to bring a human element to your brand and make your audience feel connected to you. If you would like to talk about creating or update your social media marketing strategy, give us a call.