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Reputation Management

Maximizing Positive Reviews for Business Referrals and Growth

We are living in a time where society relies on online reviews almost as much as referrals, before doing business with a company. A positive online reputation builds loyalty and increases customer confidence in your company or product, ultimately driving sales and bottom-line growth.

How is this done? Reputation management is the process used to influence what and how people think of a brand or company when viewed online. Reputation management is critical to any growing business, but it is just as important to an established business. After all, the hard work and long years of running a business successfully should not come under threat from a disgruntled customer or employee. It’s important to protect and enhance your business reputation rather than allow it to dwindle under the impact of negative reviews.

At 4Site Media, we define an online reputation management strategy after detailed discussions with you and extensive research online. The key elements of the strategy we implement for your business include: 

  • Cleaning up a poor online reputation – It’s possible that in your efforts to run a successful operation, you may have overlooked your company’s reputation online. A poor online image is a huge stumbling block that we will aim to clear first, before implementing other digital marketing efforts to increase visibility.  
  • Disputing and responding to negative reviews – While a negative review reflects poorly on your company, what’s worse is not responding to it at all. Your audience knows that organizations can make mistakes, but they will respect the ones that admit to their mistakes, communicate what they are doing to make amends, and prevent future occurrences. We will guide you on how to do this.
  • Generating more positive reviews – An upset or angry customer will quickly post a negative review, but a happy customer may never post a review; that is the sad truth. The good news is that if you ask happy customers for reviews, most of them will agree. Our team will work with you on email strategies and online techniques that help you encourage and generate great reviews online. 
  • Monitoring your online reputation – This is perhaps the most critical part – knowing what’s being said and written about your company. We monitor various online channels to keep an eye on your reputation and alert you right away when something is amiss.  
  • Tweaking and continuing your reputation management efforts – Managing a positive image is not a ‘do it and forget it’ task. It’s an effort that requires ongoing refinement. We assess regular monitoring reports to check your ratings and reviews so that timely changes and course correction can be implemented for the best results.  

Has your company’s image taken a hit recently? Are your reviews making you look bad? Let’s meet and discuss online reputation management for your business. Book a no-obligation consultation today. Call us at (732) 252-6025 or contact us online.